Driving is Emotion

Car-buying is an emotional experience. The new-found freedom of a first car, love of the open road, or a status symbol parked in the driveway – all milestones that evoke strong emotions. Automotive marketing should make your customers feel that way all over again.

Sure, pricing and features matter, but it really comes down to how we feel about the car we drive. OTC Auto is the proven leader in emotionalized marketing. Our conquest, loyalty, affinity and hidden revenue capture programs have been putting drivers behind the wheel of the cars they love since 2004.

Data Driven

Our one-of-a-kind data mining model targets qualified customers with the right offer at the right time, generating real, measurable and qualified traffic to your dealership.

Speed to Market

From data management to appointment setting, to print production, we handle it all in-house. Turnkey service means your message is top-of-mind when it matters most.

Omnichannel Campaigns

Drive revenue with integrated campaigns. Direct mail, PURLs, e-mail marketing and outbound calling combine to optimize results. Our campaigns meet all major OEM marketing guidelines.

Security & Compliance

Our best-in-class data security practices mean your customer data is protected, and our campaigns meet CASL and provincial compliance requirements.

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Success By The Numbers

Proven Results
Vehicle Sales Influenced: 400,000+

With over 400,000 vehicle sales influenced and millions of appointments set, results are what count and that’s what we deliver. We’ll help you generate the monthly results you need to stay on top. Our proven platform also creates sustainable growth for the long term.


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